The buzz

For the MDI weekly newsletter, I designed and developed a flexible template to deliver content rich emails, focusing on big responsive blocks of content for easy scanning and scrolling. This regular communication needed to reflect the vibrant and playful nature of the company and give our diverse customer base the visual guidance to quickly parse the email for products relevant to them.

When I started designing the newsletter, I used a basic template in Mailchimp but soon moved onto a custom-coded template for more control and eventually stepped outside the Mailchimp content management system to a build workflow that made the process more efficient and enabled quicker, visual iteration. At times, I’ve created the whole newsletter myself from concept and code to customer inbox, but the process has evolved to be more collaborative, with others designers focusing on visuals while I create text content, build the digital files and deliver them through Mailchimp.

Skills: build, CSS, email, Grunt, HTML, Mailchimp