Living Rules

To fully support board game players that exist in the digital age, I’ve developed a system that utilises the structure and styling within InDesign combined with a post-processing system to produce a living adaptation of rules documents. This system allows an editor or layout designer to update the InDesign file, then export the document through the processing system to deliver a web page with no manual intervention or coding. The web page meets contemporary web standards with a responsive design, and a few extra features developed specifically for this use, with version tracking and easy anchor copying for sharing content. The final product delivers the rules content to players in a format that is more accessible, more shareable and more navigable than ever before, so they can read less and play more.

This project combined my passion for board games with the skills I’ve acquired throughout my career as a creative professional, combining my expertise using data in InDesign with my digital design skills in HTML, Sass and Javascript, delivered efficiently through build tools.

Skills: build, grunt, HTML, InDesign, Javascript, Sass, tabletop